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Cashless payments on Facebook/Instagram for corporate clients

Cashless payments on Facebook/Instagram for corporate clients

«…You can’t just take and pay for advertising on Facebook or Instagram…»

Corporate clients and many advertising agencies cannot pay for ads on Facebook or Instagram directly by bank transfer. As a rule, they have to be linked to the card of an individual, or pay through the accounts of private entrepreneurs. In the vast majority, it is unsportsmanlike and expensive, but there is a solution.

The solution is – individual advertising cabinets.

elvisPelvis company creates advertising accounts for everyone who has difficulty paying for advertising in social networks. Our clients – marketing departments of large corporations, government agencies, public organizations, foundations, advertising/SMM agencies – have individual access, independently plan and conduct advertising campaigns, and also receive all necessary closing documents.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram through elvisPelvis advertising accounts is a civilized, impeccable service without additional fees and overpayments.

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